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A world-class supplier of filtration, process, and environmental equipment...

FiltroGlobal LLC is a leader in filtration equipment, water treatment systems, packaged systems including pumps, vessels, and more. Call us today!

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This is an FCC Slurry Oil filter package.

Royal Dahlman Filtration Technoloies

World Class Catalyst Filtration From Hot Gas, Hot Liquid, and More.

Royal Dahlman offers a broad range of tailor-made filtration designs and assembly packages adding value to the most critical processes in Oil & Gas, such as production, refining & petrochemical business:


* Specialized filtration solutions in on/offshore hydrocarbon exploration & production processes,

* Recovery technologies of valuable products out of heavy duty conversion processes,

* Protective filtration & particle emission reduction solutions around catalyst cracking, polyolefin production & conversion processes at high temperatures/ pressures,

* Numerous unique gas treatment filtration solutions in acid & amine treating cycles,

* Cost effective automatic backwash processes for process & side stream cooling water applications.

 Focal points in Royal Dahlman's design & engineering process are nowadays driven by economical and environmental goals, such as:


* Return of Investment: short payback times < 1 year are often realized when low-grade products can be converted to valuable commodities.

* Total Cost of Ownership: Royal Dahlman offers cost-effective designs from in-house design to completely assembled filtration packages.

* Operating Philosophy and Reliability: low operational risk, reduced operational costs, and high reliability are key factors in Royal Dahlman's design.

Reactor internals center tube and scallops.

Andritz Euroslot

World Renown Reactor Internals and Wedgewire

We offer the full package...

Andritz Euroslot designs, manufactures, and installs a full range of internals for towers and  reactors. 

Mass Transfer & Reactor Internals


From our own modern manufacturing facilities we develop and manufacture internals such as sieve, valve, bubble cap, cartridge and baffle trays. We manufacture distributors, random packing, structured packing and de-misters to the highest quality standards.




We are a leading supplier of metallic filtration separation media – which are widely used in potable, waste and industrial water treatment; food industries as sugar, starch and beverage process; paper mills for fibre screening and coating.

LIST Technology AG


LIST Technology is a worldwide leader in high viscosity processing.


  • Effective self-cleaning to minimize dead zones, product accumulation and product degradation

  • Excellent kneading and mixing for better homogenization

  • High input of mechanical power and kneading torque

  • Effective heat transfer

  • High surface renewal efficiency

  • Large free vapour volume

  • Precise and uniform temperature control due to large heat transfer areas

  • Continuous processing

  • Processing of sticky and highly viscous products

  • Wide and flexible range of average residence times

  • Wide range of possible residence time distributions (backmixed)

  • Reliable process scale-up from pilot to industrial units

  • Low and high Mooney type elastomers


Wastewater Treatment, Filtration, Coalescing, Presses

We provide all of the following and more:

Oil/Water Separators

Sand/Media Filters

Coalescing Filters/Media

pH Adjustment Systems

Dissolved Air Flotation

Filter Presses

Biological Treatment Systems

Cartridge Filters

Filter Bags and Housings

Wedge-wire filter elements for backwashing filters

Hollow Fiber Membranes

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pressure Leaf Filters

Vane Cage Scrubbers

Catalyst Hopper Vent Filters

Refinery Filter Systems including:

FCC Slurry Oil Filtration

Fourth Stage Separators

Catalyst Hopper Vent Filters

Heavy Coker Gas Oil Filtration

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We provide the best solutions for filtration problems.

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Installing a FCC Slurry Oil filter system.


FiltroGlobal LLC is a provider of advanced filter solutions for process filtration problems. Our products range includes: Royal Dahlman filters for refining the installed systems in FCC slurry oil, heavy coker gas oil (HCGO), feedstock filtration, Regenerator Underflow (also know as 4th Stage Separators or FSS) and our patented Full Flow Filter system for near zero emissions from FCCU. Other areas of expertise are wastewater treatment, boiler feed and amine filters. Also providing dissolved gas flotation (DAF) and dewatering equipment for wastewater & process, multi-media/sand filtration, and modular chiller and cooling tower systems. We supply membrane filters including nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, as well as advanced cartridge & bag filter elements. Air and gas drying systems are also available from FiltroGlobal LLC.

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Media filter package for Dow.


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